Where can you find original ice cream in Paris?

Where can you find original ice cream in Paris?

The mercury is rising, and this is just the beginning. Everyone knows that summer is always hot in Paris, so there’s nothing for it but to cool off with some of that good ice cream! However, we seem to have a yearning for something more exotic than the traditional strawberry-vanilla-chocolate fare, so it’s time to check out new ice creams chosen from the offerings of the most original glaciers of the capital. Here are some of the best ice cream parlours in Paris.


Carried away by the Bac à Glaces

From the first rays of the sun, this glacier juggles classics and innovative flavours such as eau-de-vie kirsch sorbets. Here, everything is homemade. No dyes, no preservatives or flavour enhancers ... just natural goodness!
109, Rue du Bac - 75007


Maison Fabien Foenix, ice cream from starter to dessert

This artisanal glacier who trained at Lenôtre has been a Parisian favourite since 1987. He has a hundred flavours of ice cream presented in small portions for the solo glaces consumer or larger versions that are ideal for sharing. It's time to try the mojito or guacamole sorbet before dinner and finish with the delicious lychee sorbet or the legendary Grand-Marnier soufflé!
6, Rue Descombes - 75017


La Tropicale, flavours from around the world

Since it opened in 1976 in the 13th arrondissement, La Tropicale has become an address that is exchanged between connoisseurs ... The ice cream menu, Asian inspired surprises and love at first lick are irresistible ... Try the saffron and ginger ice cream, or espelette pepper and yuzu, matcha green tea or orange blossom and pistachio inspired by the Lebanese dessert called mouhalabieh.
180, Boulevard Vincent-Auriol - 75013


Genius at Nitrogénie

Close to the Centre Pompidou you can find Nitrogénie. This glacier will show you the future of ice cream making with its cream mixed with liquid nitrogen. The incredible transformation takes place before your eyes. Taste unexpected flavours and pairings such as strawberry-basil, mint-chocolate-tiramisu ... renewed every week!
158, Rue Saint-Martin - 75003