Valentine's Day in the heart of old Paris

Valentine's Day in the heart of old Paris

For a truly romantic Valentine’s Day, why not discover the hidden delights at the heart of old Paris? Together with the most important person in your life you can explore the lesser known but no less intriguing and picturesque parts of the capital. It’s a delightful experience to share on February 14th and, to make the day complete, you may find the small, intimate restaurant of your dreams in which to enjoy a cosy and romantic dinner for two. And as for where you will stay, well, remember that the Hotel Pavillon Bastille welcomes all lovers.

Your heart’s desire in the heart of Paris

The Hotel Pavillon Bastille is located right at the edge of the district known as the Marais. Once marshland, the area was settled by the Knights Templars in the 13th century, who were swiftly followed by royalty and other aristocracy. From then until the 17th century it became a fashionable neighbourhood in which mansions arose in swift succession. Many of these still stand today and contribute to the wonderful ambience of the Marais, don’t miss to discover the Place des Vosges, where Victor Hugo’s Houses presents a rich collection taking us into the private world of the great man. With its winding streets and trendy shops and restaurants the Marais simply invites your feet to wander.

Also of interest is the Sentier district, with its narrow streets and often quaintly interesting shops and fabric manufacturers. One pedestrians-only street in particular offers a real taste of the Parisian way of life. In fact, the rue Montorgueil boasts a flavour all its own, with its delightful cafes and food shops.

Heading south from the hotel you will swiftly reach the Seine, where Paris is perhaps at her most seductive. If you descend the steps along the quays you can find yourselves strolling along the edge of the river that has seen so much history. If you find yourself tiring on the way, you can always relax on one of the cruise boat opportunities that present themselves along this picturesque waterway. As the sun sets and the lights of Paris begin to reflect from the slowly flowing water you will realise that you are in the most beguiling city in which you have ever set the seal of your love.


Maison de Victor Hugo (museum), 6 Place des Vosges, Paris 4e
Metro : Bastille, lines 1,5,8


Picture copyright holder: Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Amélie Dupont

Le Pavillon Bastille, a charming hotel in the heart of Paris Bastille