Salon du Livre; an international book fair 2015 Paris

Salon du Livre; an international book fair 2015 Paris

Did you know that France is one of the friendliest nations in the world towards foreign literature? In fact, around 40% of all books sold in our country are translations of works from other lands. This fact goes a long way to explaining the international focus of the Salon du Livre, one of the largest events on the global literary scene. With this international book fair 2015 Paris reinforces her reputation as a city of culture and the arts. If you love reading or are involved in the worlds of publishing or bookselling in a professional capacity, then you should not miss this key event taking place at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre from March 20th to 23rd. 

Salon du Livre; the books and publishing trade show for 2015

The Porte de Versailles is a state of the art exhibition and trade show venue and this year 40,000 square metres of its floor space will be occupied by the Salon du Livre, Europe’s leading cultural event for the general public. This trade show has built an astonishing reputation over the 34 years since it began, and its popularity shows no signs of fading. Indeed, with close to 200,000 visitors expected this year, the event seems to be bigger than ever. The numbers speak for themselves; 2,000 authors, 1,200 publishers, 2,000 booksellers, 35,000 professionals, 100,000 books and around 50 countries represented. The figures are truly astonishing but they only begin to convey the cultural significance, innovative nature, open-mindedness and diversity of the programming. 

The event is divided into thematic sectors dealing with cookery; children’s books; knowledge and learning; art; and tourism, travel and adventure; an area that is new this year. This makes it so much easier to find your own particular field of interest. Naturally, given their booming popularity in recent years, comics and manga are also featured prominently. The issue of copyright and its maintenance in a global marketplace will be discussed and the rise in digital publishing will also be in the spotlight.

Each year since 1988 the Salon du Livre has invited a country to be a guest of honour. This year it is the turn of Brazil, the first country to be so honoured twice; a reflection of the cultural diversity and universality of Brazilian literature. Around 48 authors and 50 publishers will represent this dynamic nation and its thriving literary scene.

In recent years key world cities have also been invited to the Salon du Livre to showcase and promote their writers, publishers and publications in their own dedicated pavilions. This year the cities of Kraków and Wroclaw offer a panoramic view of Polish creativity.

With presentations, signings, thematic bookstores, exhibitions, lectures and the opportunity to meet a whole host of likeminded people and some of your favourite writers, the Salon du Livre is the place for bookworms and industry professionals alike.


• Book Fair 2015 - Event from march 20 to 23
Paris Exposition, Porte de Versailles - Paris 15th district
Tel. +33(0) 1 40 68 22 22
Subway : station Porte de Versailles, line 12, or station Balard, line 8
Tram line : Station Porte de Versailles, line T3


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