A sparkling Parisian cultural autumn

A sparkling Parisian cultural autumn

Treat yourself to an activity-filled stay in Paris this autumn and enjoy the outstanding and fascinating exhibitions offered by the finest cultural institutions in the capital! Attune yourself to the rhythms of art and culture as you enjoy the mildness of a Parisian autumn...


The best of Pop Art at the Maillol Museum

Offbeat, funny, ironic, fierce: American Pop Art is constantly surprising! With its colourful aesthetic and innumerable and often pointed references to the consumer society, this current of the art world still has a lot to say to us. From September 22nd to January 21st, the Musée Maillol presents an exhibition that traces the works of the great figures of American Pop Art, from Rauschenberg to Warhol through Lichtenstein and many more.


Comics and the big screen with Goscinny at the Cinémathèque

Although René Goscinny's work in comic books is well known to countless fans around the world - he was the creator of characters as beloved as Asterix, the Daltons, Iznogoud and Little Nicholas - we know much less about his connection to the cinema. A talented writer, he did a great deal of work in this field. From October 4th to March 4th, the Cinémathèque offers an astonishing and in-depth exhibition examining the link that Goscinny maintained with cinema: an unmissable event!


Sweden’s Master Painter; Anders Zorn at the Petit Palais

Grey-tinged, melancholy landscapes, masterful sketches, energetic brushwork and boldly composed watercolours: discover the work of Anders Zorn, the 19th century master of Swedish painting. From September 15th to December 17th the Petit Palais devotes a retrospective previously unseen in France to this great artist. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of Scandinavian art and discover this virtuoso painter, who is too little known in France.


Plunging into the collections of Monet at the Marmottan Museum

You will of course be familiar with Claude Monet's masterly work. However, from September 14th to January 14th, the Musée Marmottan offers the opportunity to immerse yourself intimately in the tastes and interests of this great artist by exploring his private collections. The most famous of the Impressionist painters was indeed an important patron, who bought pieces by Delacroix, Renoir, Rodin and others.


Experience an exceptional Fashion Week in Paris

Fashion Week returns to Paris from September 26th to October 3rd! New collections are unveiled and the entire capital is in tune with haute couture for this must-see event for fashionistas everywhere. For your stay in Paris this autumn, don’t compromise on the comfort and location of your accommodation: when you choose the Hôtel Pavillon Bastille you will be at the centre of the capital! Thanks to its 3 stars, its chic decoration and its concierge service, you are assured of an idyllic stay!



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